Iowa City, IA


Great place. Jersey is awesome at explaining everything. I am so grateful to find a place that is affordable. Acupuncture has helped me so much over the years. And now I can go regularly again.

Chico, CA


Each acupuncture treatment I received from Jersey was highly effective, they literally saved me from the depths of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Jersey is clearly answering a calling as an acupuncturist serving the community. I feel very fortunate to have received treatment from gifted hands guided by a non judgmental, compassionate heart. I am so grateful for the support I received from Jersey during a very difficult time.

Chico, CA


I sought acupuncture many years ago at Pinwheel in Chico, CA. I was a little scared, it seemed kind of weird and frankly I just wasn't sure about getting poked with needles. I actually have a bleeding condition where I can both clot or bleed easily (not at the same time) and I remember a friend said, "you're getting acupuncture for THAT?" I said, yep, because it was time to do something else than conventional medicine. I saw Jersey and have now had acupuncture for years and never regretted it. So, even if you are scared, or if you think it seems weird, you should probably try out acupuncture anyway. It can't hurt! (Oh, and it didn't!). I was surprised how gentle it was. Jersey is the best acupuncturist I've gone to (and now it's several) and I will miss her help in my healing process and health care. Thank you, Jersey, and best wishes in Iowa!